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Version 7.2 released in late 2015!

Receive a $125 discount coupon immediately!

Email Sales to receive your discount coupon code! This rebate applies to the ionSpa v7

The ionSpa has been and will continue to be a top pick among practitioners.

Check out the updated features on the Ion Spa Portable and Pro. Version 7.2 was released in late 2015 and has the most options yet! The Ion Spa has a superior selection and we have the best price on all of them!

Replacement Parts- We have stocked our own replacement plates.

International Shipping - We offer international shipping but it is not automated at this time. Please Email Sales with your shipping address and order and we will send you an invoice via Paypal. Shipping rates for our friends to the North are $12.00 for a set of plates shipped USPS priority international. Express rates to Canada are $27.00. Other countries may vary.

Remember to order from for the best sale price and special offers!

Three different models designed exactly for your needs.

  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY FREE! The pro comes with a 3 year warranty! Also comes with lifetime customer support.

  • The Ion Spa has developed their own powerful software which makes it uniquely superior in the ionic foot bath market. Their smart "last session settings used" programming is simple for anyone. Their unit's actually have the ability to run over 600 different session settings, making them the most customizable unit you can buy.

  • One Touch Start!- the IonSpa remembers your favorite settings. When you plug the unit back in, you have one touch and go! You won't find this on any other unit.

  • Dual Polarity unit- the IonSpa has four different polarity settings. With 70/30 and 50/50 abilities, all our polarity modes are all available to you, not just clinicians- these are real "useable" presets.

  • On the fly Polarity switching- With the IonSpa your ionic foot bath can switch polarity with one touch and continue to provide perfect ionization with our intellidrive technology.

  • 3 great control unit designs to choose from- starting with their classic "Personal" unit, thru to the new ergonomic and rugged "Portable" unit, up to the one of a kind, all-in-one "Professional"- you are sure to find the right fit for your needs.

  • Full 3 Language operation- The IonSpa remembers what language you use every time you start it up, and is easy to reset or change. (English,Spanish,French)

  • Built in Session counter- Wondering if it is time to replace the array plates? Not with the IonSpa, it counts your sessions! This is resettable so when you change out you can zero the count.

  • Built in Minute Counter- This will count the total number of minutes your IonSpa has run in its lifetime. Just like an odometer on a car- you can't reset it. Great for leasing out your unit, or monitoring usage by employees or others.

  • Multiple Power Levels- The ionSpa offers 8 different power levels! Many of the expensive machines on the market only have one power level. The ionSpa can handle a 300 pound linebacker and a 90 pound grandma easily. Persons with special needs or conditions are now able to use a footbath!

  • Auto and Manual Modes- We are the only manufacturer with these two modes in one unit! Auto for those that just want to monitor that the IonSpa is ionizing or Manual for those who want take more control of their sessions.

  • Full US made solid state manufacturing- Many of the units out there have moving parts that break down inside (look for a shorter warranty length of the model)- the IonSpa's only moving part is the on/off switch!

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  1. Ion Spa Personal Foot Detox Complete Kt

    Ion Spa Personal Foot Detox

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price: $749.00

    The Ion Spa Personal has everything you need to get you going at a price that can't be beat! * Solid State, US Manufactured - Reliable, durable and safe. * Multiple Power Settings - For maximum session control, with both positive and negative polarity. * EVERYTHING You Need to Begin Sessions IMMEDIATELY - Including Power Supply, Cords, GFCI, Sea Salt, Disinfectant, Cleaning Brush, Tub Liners and Pictorial Instruction Manual. * 3 Year Limited Warranty - Protects your investment with the best warranty in the industry. * Lifetime Technical Support - Have a question? Need help? Actual people are here to answer your calls! Learn More
  2. Ion Spa Portable Foot Detox Kit

    Ion Spa Portable Foot Detox

    Regular Price: $1,395.00

    Special Price: $1,149.00

    Ion Spa Portable V7 Check out the updated features on the Ion Spa Portable and Pro. Version 7 was released in December 2009. The most options yet! The IonSpa Portable is the original and most popular unit with our customers. Designed primarily for portability, it is easily transported and easily stored for the on the go session provider, or home user. If you are looking for a full function, commercial quality foot bath and trying to stay within your budget, the Portable unit is for you. The IonSpa Portable comes with EVERYTHING you will need to begin sessions immediately- including Power Supply, Cords, GFCI, Sea Salt, Disinfectant, Cleaning Brush, Tub Liners, Pictoral Instructional Manual and much more! Features * Solid State, US Manufactured – Reliable, durable and safe. * Intelli-Drive Technology – This 21st century self-adjusting control mechanism with full +/- polarity shifting, ensures you will have a superior, worry-free session every time. * 3 Language Settings – English, Spanish and French. User friendly for ALL people! * Multiple Power Settings – For maximum session control. * 2 Year Limited Warranty – Protects your investment with the best warranty in the industry. * Lifetime Technical Support – Have a question? Need help? Actual people are here to answer you calls! You could pay up to $1,995 for other units with fewer features and lesser quality. Compare that to the IonSpa portable value of $1395 on sale for $1149! Why wait? Learn More
  3. Ion Spa Pro Foot Detox Kit

    Ion Spa Professional

    Regular Price: $1,795.00

    Special Price: $1,295.00

    The Pro V-7 is US manufactured and functions with the same Intelli-Drive technology as the portable unit, but is specifically designed for clinical environments. Incorporating the IonSpa into your practice is a profitable and beneficial approach to your client’s health and welfare. Features * Controls Built Into a Sleek Molded Tub – For easy programming. Has all the software features of the intelli-drive system. Read about our new more powerful upgrades here! * Two Arrays – No down time between sesssions! * Plastic Tote – Makes transporting and disposing of water easier. * 3 Language Settings * Multiple Power Settings -with full +/- polarity * EVERYTHING You Need to do your first 100 sessions and more * 3 Year Limited Warranty * Lifetime Technical Support Other professional grade units can cost up to $2,895 and be overly complicated to operate. Compare that to our user-friendly Pro unit value of only $1795 on sale here for $1,295. You and your customers deserve the best! Learn More
  4. Ion Spa 100 Session Kit

    100 Session Kit

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $45.00

    Everything you need in one simple kit! Save money over individual pricing. For use with the Personal, Portable or Professional model. Enough Relyon disinfectant, Electro-Mix, Sea Salt, and Tub Liners to perform ONE HUNDRED SESSIONS. Learn More
  5. Electromix Electrolyte Drink


    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price: $12.00

    Don't forget to replace your body's own natural electrolytes! A must for anyone doing ionic foot detox sessions. Learn More
  6. Ion Spa Replacement Array Plates

    Replacement Array Plates

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price: $89.00

    Out of stock

    Set includes three pair (6 plates) for the Pro, Portable or Personal array. At this time we have only one kind of replacement array plate and that is equal to the type one. Learn More
  7. Replacement Array Ion Spa

    Replacement Array with 3 Sets

    Regular Price: $189.00

    Special Price: $169.00

    Replacement Ionizor Footbath Array for the ionSpa in either Pro or Portable versions. This a ready to go, complete array already loaded with plates with two spare pairs included. Please select Pro (short cord) or Portable (long cord) and Array metal plate type: Type I, more color in water, most popular (approx 50 uses) Type II, almost no color in water, longer life (approx 100 uses) Both types of plates yield the same results. Type II is great for home use because they are less messy to clean up after a session. Learn More

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